How we Charge

How do you charge for shipping of a package?

We charge mainly based on the volume of the package. We use an industry standard formula: we multiply the length by the width by the height, all in inches, and then we divide by 166 to get the dimensional weight (DW).

We use the following rules to provide you the lowest rate possible

  • Packages with volume of 0.50 cubic feet or less, are charged using the lower of the actual weight in pounds (lbs) and their dimensional weight (DW)
  • Packages with a volume above 0.5 cubic feet, are charged by their dimensional weight (DW)
  • Packages with actual weight above 50 lbs are charged by the greater of their actual weight (lbs) and their dimensional weight (DW)


For Reference:

  • Cubic Feet = Length(feet) x Width (feet) x Height (feet)
  • 0.09 cubic feet (cf) is equivalent to a dimensional weight (DW) of 1 lb
  • Dimensional weight (DW) = Volume (CF) / 0.091
  • 1 cubic foot (cf) (1ft x 1ft x1ft) = 10.4 DW (Rounded Up = 11 (DW) )